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Corporate Housing

What is the benefit of using Elite Woodhams Relocation?

Over the years, we have built up strong relationships with a large array of accommodation providers, enabling us to source competitive rates. Corporate clients appreciate the time-saving factor of allowing us to source and manage bookings as well as make payments on their behalf. Our clients trust our years of experience of navigating the complexities of the Corporate Accommodation market, allowing them to focus on other tasks on hand.

Do you manage your own properties?

No, we don't. However, this is to our advantage, as this allows us to research the temporary corporate housing market to ascertain the best match for your accommodation requirements.

Can we inspect the properties prior to committing to a booking?

Unlike with long-term rental properties, Corporate Accommodation is mostly secured based on images and a detailed description which we provide together with our quote. This is because properties usually have guests staying there and property managers avoid disrupting guests during their stay. Elite Woodhams Relocation will assess available properties and provide a selection of the most appropriate options for your stay based on your brief provided.

Furnished Apartment or Serviced Apartment?

A Serviced Apartment provides hotel-styled accommodation, with a number of apartments within one location, mostly with an onsite reception and onsite duty manager, similar to a hotel. A Furnished Apartment is a residential property managed by an agency and as such are generally located in more residential areas and the furnishings will vary from one property to another. You would be assigned a property manager during your stay for any questions relating to the property.

Do I need to sign a lease?

No, Elite Woodhams Relocation manages your accommodation requirements in the form of an accommodation booking, which while attached to Terms & Conditions, means that utilities are included and do not need to be set up separately.


What can a registered migration agent do for me?

A registered migration agent is qualified to help you with your visa application and can deal with the Department of Home Affairs (“the Department”) for you. While you do not have to use an agent to lodge your visa application, an agent can be very helpful, as the agent can explain your visa options, work out the best visa option for you and can ensure that your application is well prepared and supported by all the documents needed by the Department to make a decision on your application.

I am outside Australia. Can I use a registered migration agent located in Australia to help me with my Australian visa application?

You can use an agent who is located in Australia even if you are living overseas. You can communicate with the agent by teleconference, telephone and email. Even though there are time differences between Australia and most overseas countries it is usually possible to find a mutually convenient time for a teleconference or telephone call during Australian business hours.

Can I get help with applying for an Australian visa?

An Australian registered migration agent can provide you with migration advice and can help you to apply for, and lodge, an application for the type of Australian visa you need for your stay and your proposed activities while in Australia. Registered agents are qualified and have demonstrated to the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) that they are fit and proper people to provide migration assistance.

Are there any general visa application requirements?

There are both health and character requirements attached to all Australian visas. You may not granted an Australian visa if you are not able to meet these requirements.

How long will the visa application process take?

Different types of visas take different lengths of time to be processed. For example, visitor visas are processed much more quickly than longer term visas and applications for permanent residency. The Department provides indicative time frames for processing of different types of visas on its website which it updates regularly.

Your registered migration agent must let you know in writing about the progress of your application. If an application is for a type of visa that takes longer to process there will be times when your agent has nothing to tell you.

Talk to your agent about how much time it might take for your application to be processed and what the steps will be, so you know what to expect.

Move Management

I won’t be available on the day of my move.  How would this work?

We can act on your behalf, to be at your home to let the movers in to pack and uplift your goods. We can also be available at your destination to supervise the unpacking.

Moving is quite stressful and takes a lot of time.  How will you be able to help me?

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will manage your relocation logistics on your behalf and keep you updated along the way.  Having one point of contact will provide you with the peace-of-mind that your move is being taken care of behind the scenes, so you can focus on other priorities.  

Can you move my dog and car?

Absolutely!  We have moved many cars and pets – including horses and exotic birds!

Do you organise moves internationally?

Yes. We organise moves domestically and internationally, both inbound and outbound. Depending on your origin and destination, quotes will be provided for either land, sea and/or air freight.

I don’t know where I will be living yet.  What will happen to my goods?

We will arrange for your goods to be stored until you are ready to have them delivered. The cost for storage will be quoted to you upfront to make it easy for you to decide how long you would like them stored.

Destination Services

What is the value of using a relocation company?

The expertise of using a relocation company can’t be underestimated. Local knowledge and strong networks open doors for newcomers, saves costs and minimises risk, making the relocation less stressful and more cost-effective. Orientation, home search, school search and settling-in can be time consuming and distract the employee from doing their job and building important work relationships. A dedicated relocation consultant sorting all the difficult, but essential, matters behind the scenes is a smart investment. A professionally managed relocation gives precious time back to HR and Global Mobility teams. A first rate relocation experience in turn fosters employee loyalty.

What should I look for when selecting a relocation company?

It’s important that the relocation company has a solid track record and good reputation. Relocation has been proven to be extremely stressful, so it’s important to have the right level of support. All relocations are different so look for a relocation company which provides services tailored to the individual’s needs. It’s also helpful when the relocation consultants have experienced a relocation themselves. This gives them great empathy for what the assignee will go through and an understanding of the pressures involved – whether work or family, moving home or finding a school. Technology is great, but human touch is critical. As well as comprehensive support and strong customer service, it is also useful to check that the relocation company has network coverage to assist with moves in other parts of the world. A relocation company that can support a company’s growth to new markets is great for consistency in service delivery.

Why is a relocation consultant important?

Our relocation consultants are thoroughly trained and experts in their field with specific local knowledge.  In addition to finding your perfect new home, they can assist with education, cultural differences and well as the settling in process which can sometimes be complex and arduous.   They will ensure you have a smooth transition, anywhere, anyhow.

Can I bring my kids on our Orientation Tour/Home Search?

Of course, we know that having the whole family included in the process is very important, so we will organize car seats if needed for younger children.  The home search/orientation day is very exciting, but can be a long day for younger children, so we recommend that you bring books/games to keep them entertained.

When is the best time to move my family?

The timing of your relocation is specific to you and your job.  There is no “best” time.  However, if you have children, you may want them to start school at the beginning of the school year, so you should time your relocation for that.  In some countries, we find housing options gets tight around the late December/early January, so would recommend arriving well before or after this time.

about islandwide delivery

I just placed an order. When will I receive the order?

Orders placed before 9pm will be delivered between 12pm - 4pm on the following day. Please make sure that someone is around to receive the delivery.

How much does it cost for islandwide delivery?

Your total order cost includes the price of the menu items (including GST) plus the delivery fee, depending on your total order value. Orders $60 and below: $15 delivery fee
Orders between $61-80: $12 delivery fee
Orders between $81-$120: $10 delivery fee Orders above $121: Free delivery Our delivery fees take into account the cost of styrofoam packaging and dry ice to maintain the quality of your açaí bowls, as well as the delivery costs to send them to your doorstep.

Oh no, I missed my delivery - what happens now?

Unfortunately, we are unable to rearrange the delivery and no refunds will be given for your order. Please ensure that someone is available to receive the order during the delivery time frame!